Helical Pile Foundation Method
An efficient, ready-to-use founding method

The basic installation is vibration-free. This enables working with older buildings under structural stress without causing damage to the existing constructions.

The helical pile foundation bears both tensile and compression loads and it is dimensioned by using common bearing metrics.

This founding method is ecologically sustainable. There is no need for excavations and the helical pile foundation is fully reusable and it can be recycled.

EU pat. no. 0517731 Original country FI
USA pat. no. 5,295,766
CAN pat. no. 2,075,968

Ortkivi Inc, winner of Geneve’s inventionfair  1998

The helical pile foundation is easily installed and requires very little force. The installation can be done also manually into frost-lifting and homogenous soil by using an iron bar.

Over 100 foundations can be installed in a day by using a small hydraulic engine available to most construction vehicles. In this case the helical pile foundation can be easily installed into hard gravel soil even directly through asphalt. This makes the installation of e.g. traffic signs or posts very easy.