There are several uses for helical piles, such as posts and masts; sheds, garages and stables; greenhouses and machinery halls; maneges and sports halls; wharves and piers, boat harbours and rear piles and pipe lines constructions etc. The possibilities are numerous.

The foundation can be drilled into either molten or frozen ground without excavations by using ready-made ORT-helical piles or poles. The installation can be done quickly and precisely even in narrow places. The foundation can be positioned either vertically or to any angle required by the specific construction site.
No frost insulation is required when the flange is positioned under the frozen soil layers and draining of the foundation is not necessarily required.

Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) has studied the ORT helical pile foundation method with good results. The extensive testing encourages to use the helical pile in a more diverse ways.

The ORT helical pile is a precise and silent foundation method which does not cause any harmful vibrations to the environment. Therefore, this founding solution is very suitable for heavily constructed areas and for reconstructive operations.