Ortkivi Oy is a Finnish family business founded in 1992. We manufacture and sell ORT helical piles based on patented and researched method. Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) has studied the ORT helical piles foundation method with good results.

ORT Helical Pile Foundation Solution

ORT helical pile foundation method is a very efficient technique, suitable for almost any kind of construction. For its efficiency and quick installation it is considered very competitive method compared to any other founding and underpinning systems. This method also enables construction in areas that are usually considered challenging. Helical piles have been installed and load tested over the years in many construction projects and have proved their capacities.

Using the ORT helical piles there is no need to excavate and foundations can be installed also during winter into frozen ground or through ice. Installation can be done either manually or by using hydraulic machine.

ORT helical pile is the original, patented and ecologically sustainable invention.

Tensile and compression breaking load charts